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A Mile In My Shoes

The game board as a platform:

As a platform, the game will be furnished with a blank board that has the path laid out but will have spaces for the game creator to fill in with their own materials. The game will have interlocking tiles and bags to hold them. Stickers will be provided along with blank journals for the game creator to use. Instructions for completing the journals and the blank debrief will be provided.

From a mental health perspective, the game board will be used as a platform for others to tell their stories, to feel heard. Consider the story of a bi polar single mother trying to complete law school. Consider the story of someone who struggles with gender identity.

From an educational view, the game board will be used in classrooms to encourage students to compare their lives to the lives of historical characters. It will also be used to help students consider disability in a more personal way.

Game creators will be given a link to a site where they can write their stickers, journals and debrief for printing or they can use templates that are provided.